Our clients like us. They really like us.

For more than 20 years, Skip Konte of Morningstar Entertainment, Inc. Visual Communications has produced TV broadcasts, dazzling multi-media, inventive copy, eye-catching newsletters, graphic design, Web content and knock-out brochures. We know the issues, the clientele, and the audience that our clients need to reach.

We won't gush at the podium or thank our agent, but our clients would like to say a few words . . .

So what are your colleagues saying about Morningstar?

Fred Jordan Missions, Los Angeles

"We've had the pleasure of working exclusively with Skip Konte since the early ‘80s for all of the Mission’s television production. With each project, Mr. Konte demonstrates the utmost professionalism and regard for all elements of the Mission, its clientele and its programs. The production, direction and post-production services rendered exceed expectations."

Willie Jordan

Hooked on Phonics

“Throughout the years you have provided the deadline-driven commitment to excellence on which we rely. Your production capabilities are second to none.”

John M. Shanahan

Orange County's United Way

"I am so pleased with the look and navigation of the CD-ROM that was produced by Morningstar. It will be a valuable marketing tool for our campaigners. I have had several people inquire about the production of the CD-ROM and because of my positive experience with Skip Konte, I am happy to refer them to Morningstar."

Susan Caumiant
Vice President, Marketing

Moody Institute of Science

“We are REALLY HAPPY with the work you’ve done on our shows. You have made us feel like our job was really important to you, that you cared about doing it right as much as we did. You’re well-equipped, highly-skilled and a great guy to be around.”

Lad Allen


"I have written for the Salvation Army (print, radio, television) for 20 years, and whenever I can do this in concert with Skip Konte and Morningstar, the productions are invariably the best."

Robert C. Larson
President, Robert C. Larson and Associates


“…your staff is by far the most experienced and well-trained I have ever encountered. Not only did you deliver what you promised, you exceeded my expectations. I’ll be happy to recommend you to my clients as well."

Scott Tokar

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