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Charade - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Romance, comedy and mystery are entwined in  this Hitchcock-style suspense thriller. Starring Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn, 113 min/color

wpe20.jpg (10121 bytes) Jack & the Beanstalk - Sug. Retail:$7.95Your Cost:$6.95 Laugh along as Abbot  and Costello keep the giant from climbing down the magic beanstalk. 63  min/Color

Lassie: The Painted Hills - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Lassie stars as the loyal companion of a miner and his young friend  Tommy. She must outwit the miner's evil partner to save the mining claim. 90 min/color

Last Time I Saw Paris,The - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Elizabeth Taylor stars in F. Scott Fitgerald's story of tenderness  and tragedy, set in post WWII Paris. 115 min/color

c-Missouri Traveler.TIF (42546 bytes) Missouri Traveler, The - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 The fifteen year old  runaway and a wealthy, arrogant landowner come face to face in alterations that  culminate in a rousing conclusion. 103  min/color

My Brunette.JPG (11178 bytes) My Favorite  Brunette - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 This hilarious spy spoof puts  Bob Hope in the middle of a spy ring, murderers and mayhem. Great Fun! 90 min /  B&W

wpe1E.jpg (9684 bytes) Pied Piper of Hamelin - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Van Johnson and Jim Backus star in this fun filled musical version of America's favorite fairy tale 90  min/Color

wpe1F.jpg (9865 bytes) Stage Door Canteen - Sug. Retail:  7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Patriotism, big name entertainment and more romance are celebrated in a 44th Street New York canteen run for servicemen during WWII. Katherine Hepburn and Helen Hayes head an all star cast. 100 min/Black &  White

o-I Spy.TIF (547296 bytes) I Spy - Sug Retail: 49.95 Your Cost: 43.95, individual tapes - Sug Retail: 9.95 Your Cost 8.95 - Internationa l intrigue,  exotic locales, and heart-stopp ing action combine in this Emmy award winning series starring espionage agents Kelly Robinson (Robert Culp) and Alexander  Scott ( Bill Cosby). 10 thrilling episodes in a 5 tape boxed set.

wpe12.jpg (6544 bytes) Tulsa - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Proud and fierce Susan Hayward rises to virtue amidst almost insurmountable odds. 90 min/color




wpe14.jpg (7134 bytes) Call of the Wild - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 The classic  tale of "Buck" a German shepherd forced to become part of a sled dog team that heads out in the search of gold in the frozen Yukon. Kidnapped, Buck must brave harsh treatment and the even harsher forces of nature in his relentless search  for his master. Starring Charlon Heston. 100  min/color

JACK LONDON'S ADVENTURE S OF THE GREAT  NORTH Sug. Retail: 29.95 Your Cost: 26.95

White Fang to the Rescue - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 White Fang returns in this exciting Yukon adventure to find his  master murdered and his new master besets with a tangle of problems. It's up to White Fang to find the murders, and to save his new master's gold mine. 100  min/color

White Fang - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 In this sequel to  call of the wild, White Fang-half dog and half-wolf is stolen from his master and forced into public dogfights by an evil businessman. Eventually Fang escapes, but to reunite with his master, he must face a climatic showdown. 100 min/color

c-ZANE GREY CWC.TIF (107232 bytes) ZANE GREY WESTERN HERITAGE COLLECTION - The stories of America's  best-loved Western author come to life in this unique video collection!

The Arizona Raiders - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 The  opening scene features Buster Crabbe as a drifter about to be hanged by a lynch  mob. He escapes to Wyoming where he is hired by a wealthy horse rancher(Marsha Hunt) plagued with horse rustlers. Crabbe, wrongly accused, fights to prove his  innocence. 60 min/B&W

c-ZG Drift Fence.TIF (69264 bytes) Drift Fence - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your  Cost: 8.95 Tome Keene and Buster Crabbe star as two cattlemen involved in a range war over building a drift fence across a major cattle grazing area. Cattle stampedes, blazing guns, and a climatic showdown capture the rugged spirit of  Zane Grey's Old West. 60 min/B & W

c-ZG Man of the Forest.TIF (66452 bytes) Man of the Forest - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Randolph Scott stars as an independent timber rancher who battles unscrupulous con men trying to steal the water rights from one of his neighbors. Scott foils a kidnap scheme and then fights to prove his innocence when framed for murder. 60 min/B  & W

c-ZG Knights of the Range.TIF (63738 bytes) Knights of the Range -Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95

c-ZG Mysterious Rider.TIF (62224 bytes) The Mysterious Rider - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Douglas  Dumbrille stars as a reformed stagecoach robber charged with a murder he didn't  commit. Some 20 years later he returns, hoping to reclaim his cattle ranch,  clear his name and reunite with his family. 75 min/B  &W

c-ZG Roll Along Cowboy.TIF (65330 bytes) Roll Along Cowboy - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 The timeless Old West virtues of sacrifice and friendship are the themes in this Zane Grey classic feature film.  Smith Ballew plays a trail-weary cowpuncher who defends a widow and her daughter against an evil banker. 60 min/B & W

The Light of Western Stars - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Victor Gory stars as a saddle weary drifter who joins with a group of  rebels fighting for independence in Mexico. In a dusty Texas border town, he  defends a young cattleman (Alan Ladd) against unscrupulous gunrunners and a corrupt sheriff. 65 min/B & W

Desert Gold - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your  Cost: 8.95 Buster Crabbe stars as a noble, solitary Indian who must overcome great odds to save a lovely rancher(Marsha Hunt) from marauding, land-grabbing bandits. The clever use of spectacular outdoor footage from the original silent version makes this film truly unique. 60 min/B &  W

c-ZG Dude Ranger.TIF (62398 bytes) Dude Rancher - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 George O'Brien plays an Easterner who  inherits a ranch plagued by cattle rustling. He goes undercover to find the  culprits and finds himself in great danger. Romance, mystery, and adventure-as well as scenic cinematography-make this a classic Zane Grey adventure a  "must-see". 65 min/B & W

c-ZG Fighting Caravans.TIF (60888 bytes) Fighting Caravans - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 This epic Western adventure  stars Gary Cooper as a Missouri guide who leads a wagon train westward, facing bitter weather, rugged terrain, betrayal, and Indian attacks. This film, based  on Zane Grey's novel, epitomizes the spirit and grandeur of the Old West. 80 min/B & W

c-ZG Heritage of Desert.TIF (67100 bytes) Heritage of the Desert - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Randolph Scott in his first starring role, plays a land surveyor  caught up in a tale of greed, treachery, and a murder. Scott opposes a killer who is set on stealing land from nearby cattle rancher so he can drive his own  cattle to market uncontested. 60 min/B &  W

c-ZG Wagon Wheels.TIF (63152 bytes) Wagon Wheels - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Randolph Scott plays a trail-weary wagon  train leader who falls for a member of his party (Gail Patrick). The romance  blooms amidst the dangers and treacherous conditions the wagon train endures as it rolls west. 60 min/B & W

c-ZG Thunder Trail.TIF (59874 bytes) Thunder Trail - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Gilbert Roland stars a rancher's son seeking revenge for his father's death at the hands of a gunman (Charle  Pickford). This well scripted and powerfully acted Zane Grey tale deals with  revenge and ultimate jealousy in the Old  West.

c-ZG Thundering Herd.TIF (61610 bytes) The Thundering Herd - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Zane Grey's sweeping tale of buffalo hunters, Indians and outlaws comes to life in this classic Western. Randolph Scott stars as a buffalo hunter who helps a friend (Buster Crabbe)  start a buffalo hide trading post. 60 min/B & W

c-ZG Rocky Mountain Mystery.TIF (60896 bytes) Rocky Mountain Mystery - Sug. Retail: 9.95 Your Cost: 8.95 Randolph Scott stars as a mining engineer who tries to clear his  brother-in-law of a murder charge with the help of Ann Sheridan (in her first starring role). The mystery deepens as the other victims are discovered and  Scott must race against time to find the real killer. 65 min/ B&W

wpe11.jpg (5773 bytes) Made for Each Other - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 Capture the pathos and hardships as well as the innocent joy and binding love of the young newlyweds as they discover the true importance of life.  Starring Jimmy Stewart and Carol Lombard. 93  min/color

john doe.JPG (12990 bytes) Meet John Doe - Sug. Retail: 7.95 Your Cost: 6.95 To gain political power, a cynical, opportunistic newspaper  editor creates a "John Doe" who rails against human injustices and speaks of the  value of the average man. That's when trouble begins. Directed by Frank Kapra. 115 min/Black & White

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